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Why I Make Free Tutorials

     When I first started turning to the internet for instruction on trying new crafts, it was for the art of customizing My Little Ponies in 2003. Though I found some tutorials and instructions, I found that a vast wealth of knowledge was hoarded by other makers.

     The overall reluctance to help a fellow artist learn new techniques was astounding. I had to do a lot of research and experimentation to figure out what worked and what did not work. This lead to enough knowledge to look at a finished product, and draw a fairly accurate conjecture of how to achieve the same results.

     I witnessed customizers asking questions about how to achieve a certain technique, only to be ignored or snubbed by other artists. I spoke up and provided theoretical methods of how they might be able to achieve the results they wanted and I received an immediate backlash from other more experienced customizers, as well as an overwhelming wave of support from the newer customizers. 

     I continued to share my knowledge with others despite the anger directed at me because of my belief; When knowledge is hoarded it hinders the growth of the craft, becomes stagnant, and is eventually forgotten. I believe that by sharing knowledge with other artisans, we can ensure that our craft continues to evolve and lives on for generations rather than becoming forgotten over time.


     This is what has inspired me to create jewelry tutorials to share with the world, and I look forward to continuing to share my knowledge. I strive to make my tutorials as beginner friendly as possible, and this does tend to make them on the longer side. However, going forward, I am going to make the attempt to release an advanced version, and a beginner version. It is my hope that this will make my video content useful to a wider range of crafters: the advanced crafter who does not need the basics, and the beginner who will benefit from extra attention to detail and technique.


     If you are ever in need of help figuring out how to make something, please feel free to ask! If I can give you first hand knowledge of how to achieve your goal, I will. And if I cant, I can probably give you suggestions of things to try, or direct you to another online resource. If you would like to request a specific tutorial, please let me know and I will add it to my list! You can contact me by email at, or by using the Chat Bubble at the bottom of this page.

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